Our Anarchist Cookbook, Recipes For Disaster, Is Unleashed Upon the World


For ten long years, our operatives have honed their skills, testing their wits and mettle against the global capitalist empire, the most formidable adversary in the history of life on earth. We have learned how to redecorate the walls of cities occupied by armies of riot police, to transform random groups of damaged, isolated individuals into loving communities capable of supporting one another through the most severe bouts of repression and depression, to shut down corporate summits and franchises armed with little more than plastic piping or eyedroppers of glue. Now, we’ve compiled many of the techniques that made these feats possible into a 624-page handbook entitled Recipes for Disaster.

The sixty-two recipes run the gamut from Affinity Groups to Wheatpasting, stopping along the way at topics as disparate as Hitchhiking, Sabotage, and Supporting Survivors of Domestic Violence. Each recipe is illustrated as necessary with photographs, technical diagrams, and firsthand accounts. Countless individuals and collectives have contributed to the testing, composing, and editing, in order to put the most useful and comprehensive manual in the hands of revolutionaries everywhere. Recipes for Disaster has not yet been banned by the U.S. government; it is currently available from us for not much more than the costs of printing, and transportation. We hope this book will help those working to transform both their own lives and the world as we know it, but the rest is up to you. The first 500 mailorder copies will receive a nice little bookmark.

Our features section has also been updated with a text on direct action, the focus of Recipes for Disaster.