New Harbinger, New Feature, New Nationwide Call to Action


The fifth issue of our free propaganda tabloid Harbinger is finally complete, after two and a half years of hard labor on the part of the editorial board. Thematically, it begins where the last one left off, on the morning of September 11th, 2001 when the terrain of the struggle for total liberation suddenly shifted, and works from there forward to the present day. From the apocalypse that started it all and the ensuing struggles with catastrophes and feelings of failure, through crowd dynamics and the social forces that underlie them, the essential role employment plays in the system of misery (and how to desert it), and the joys of so-called extremism, to the inexorable insurrection to come—it’s all in here. Please order massive quantities of it to share with your friends, family, ex-co-workers, and future co-conspirators.

As faith in global capitalism and corporate democracy crumbles, it would be foolish to think that anarchy and liberation are the only other game in town. That’s why we’ve provided this new feature, an account and analysis of direct actions recently taken against an attempted fascist rally, to share skills for those who would also like to nip in the bud bids for power on the part of racists and totalitarians.

And—In concert with other anti-authoritarian groups, we are calling for a national campaign to take advantage of this election year to emphasize the power of direct action as a viable alternative to representation. This campaign will include literature, postering and stickering, demonstrations, educational events, and other forms of community outreach, both in our own communities and around the Democratic and Republican National Conventions. It will culminate in a nationwide day of direct action on November 2, election day. For now, we direct those interested to, at which you will find the call to action and plenty of other material on the issue.